1A Bail Bonds Service, Inc.

1A Bail Bond Service Inc. Bond Agency is Closed

Our Mission Statement

1A Bail Bonds Service, Inc. is the premier Bail Bonds Company within the State of Michigan.  All the employees will serve its clientele with honest, knowledgeable, and reliable services in all the Michigan Counties.  We Strive to achieve a level of service exceeding expectations of those governing us and conduct our business with the highest moral and ethical standards.

1A Bail Bonds Service Inc.

Closed its doors March 8th 2015.

The present CEO is closing all liabilities connected with the company.  

If you were an indemnator for a defendants case, or you are a defendant, seeking information on property release of liens, vehicle titles, or other liability information we hold pertaining to a defendants case. 

Please us our "Contact Us" page in order

for us to process your request 

We are eager to process closure of all our liability.  Please include all information with your request available to you for the case in question.  Include defendants full name, dates, case numbers, bond amounts, Register of Actions for cases, counties bonded in, phone numbers, and all other information.  This information will allow us to speed up the processing of your request.